Project showcase

The EUCLID showcase brings together a selection of the most important outcomes of the project – thereby importance is understood in relation to the Description of Work, but also considering the impact of the artifact in the real-world. As such, the showcase consists of components that are at the core of our work plan, but are also representative for the project in the Linked Data practitioners’ community.

All parts of the showcase are freely available online to view and download. It is recommended to start with the project Web site, which can be used as a starting point to explore the content of the showcase and its main components.

The project Web site is hence the first component of the showcase. It is a key part of our online appearance and an important dissemination instrument. It is described in terms of functionality and impact in the deliverables in WP2. The Web site is available at

A second component of the showcase is the learning materials produced during the project, together with the curriculum these materials adhere to.

  • We offer a collection of rich, multi-modal learning resources, including slide decks, video recordings, screencasts, exercises, and how-to’s, as well as a more comprehensive textbook and a course organized along learning paths. All training materials can be downloaded at To increase the visibility of the project we use external platforms to host some of these materials. For instance, for slides we have purchased a professional SlideShare account. The EUCLID textbook has been published on iTunesU and is available at For all these different types of resources, the project Web site serves as a gateway to reach the relevant platforms and view, download, and explore the resources.

A final component of the showcase is dedicated to dissemination and community engagement.

  • EUCLID has developed a monitoring platform as a means to remain aware and involved with the topics the practitioners are mostly interested in. Deliverable D2.1.5 presents the functionality of the platform. An online demo is available at
  • To promote its training program the project has used a mixture of hosting platforms and social media channels, which together contribute to the online reputation of the project. These are:

All EUCLID learning materials are available under a CC-BY license. 


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